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Even more important: the success stories she heard during orientation.

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Payne bought in. But frustration soon kicked in. She says she worked with multiple matchmakers, all by phone, from a Sacramento office. She says the matches they made were terrible fits. Have you looked at my profile?

Kim Williams has a similar story. Only she signed up with East Bay Matchmakers. She also bought into promises of a personal and local service. Plus, a surplus of available men.

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She says she also had four dates - set up over the phone, by people more than miles away. Taken to the cleaners. Payne and Williams went to different Bay Area offices, but they were dealing with the same company. Online Shopping. Life Coach. Social Media Consultant.

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Distance Rating. You have to be accepted into the club. Aside from boasting an offshore account or two, that means having good looks, an elite education and usually a sparkling job — plus the right attitude, said matchmaker Amy Andersen, who runs Menlo Park-based Linx Dating.

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Upon moving to Palo Alto, she married a Stanford economics professor and built up a reputation with a wide roster of wealthy clients — many of them older women who feel the ticking of a biological clock or stereotypical Silicon Valley geeks. The process itself is simple enough.

Andersen is approached by someone, usually a friend of an existing client, and screens them for the essentials. That could lead to an in-person meeting — sometimes lasting for hours on end — before she decides whether to take them on. Others have specific demands about religion, geography, politics or race, all of which can rack up pricing. The Bevy and Three Day Rule, another matchmaking service with Bay Area clients, have similar processes, though the business models vary slightly; only male clients pay The Bevy, for example.